We believe you can live better, surrounded by beautiful things.  What’s more these beautiful things can be investments.  Investments that not only appreciate in value but are tangible, inspiring and energising.


    We advise our clients, both individuals and businesses, on creating their own unique collections of 20th century photography, photographic books and contemporary furniture, based on personal interest, taste and style. This results in them owning investments, they can see, touch and enjoy every day.

     We can advise anyone interested in building a collection, tailored to your individual interests and passions.  Brian Stewart, a Founding Partner of Artdirectyourlife, has been collecting photography, photographic books and contemporary furniture for over 40 years and has been a visiting speaker at Sotheby’s on the value of investing in both photographic prints and books.


     We believe that one of the main reasons to collect anything is to express yourself.  Collectors collect because the objects of their desire delight them.  If you enjoy owning what you buy, then no purchase can ever be a bad one.

“We shape our dwellings and afterwards our dwellings shape us”.  Winston Churchill