In a country where the value of bricks and mortar has, in the last 50 years, overtaken the price of gold, the furniture we choose has the same investment potential.  With our help you can compile your own valuable collection whilst designing and furnishing a beautiful home or office.


      Investing in iconic furniture should always be driven by the desire and passion to acquire unique and beautiful objects and never solely for investment purposes, as it is a young market and therefore vulnerable to the vagaries of sentiment and a seller may not always be able to find an immediate purchaser.  That said, it is precisely the youth of this market that makes it so accessible to modern investors, those who enjoy the relief from capital gains tax (CGT) on the purchase as much as dressing their home with fashionable chic furniture. 


      Marc Newson’s Lockheed bench (pictured right) sold for $1.6million at the 2010 furniture sale in New York.  Newson, aged 23, designed the bench, back in the early 80’s.  He made just a handful as there was little demand at the price of £1,000. 

  Other eighties designers have also met with auction house success.  Furniture by Ettore Scottsas, Ron Arad, Piero Fornasetti, Philippe Starck, Tom Dixon, Andre Dubreuil and Elizabeth Garouste and Mattia Bonetti,

(2009 cabinet, edition of 8, pictured), all made as recently as twenty five years ago, represent a growing market.


Early 20th Century pieces by Pierre Chareau, the Architect of the Maison De Verre in Paris, pictured  above, and the modernist works of Eileen Grey, Mallet Stevens, Jean Michel Frank and Le Corbusier fetch high five figure prices at auction .

The estimate on a Corbusier Chaise Longue offered in March 2011 at Christie’s auction in Paris of Art Deco and Modernist Furniture, was 50,000 to 70,000 euros.  It sold for 121.000 euros.  Jonathan Rendell, a Christie’s specialist  commented “there is a real hunger for this sort of material”.  


      Mixing styles and periods we can help to design an interior that reflects who you are.  The style will be yours but we will help to make it a reality.  The market reflects the taste of a modern buyer not afraid to mix hard line Modern with English Regency and French Empire.