“Investing needn’t be boring, or a gamble made by an overpaid man in a grey suit”.

     Building your own collection of 20th Century furniture, photography, or photographic books will result in you creating your own alternative investment portfolio.


     Alternative investments have gained momentum due to the credit crunch and the uncertainty in mainstream markets.  Merrill Lynch recommends its clients invest 10% of their portfolio in alternative investments. 

     So whilst you have fun buying and enjoying the iconic pieces of art you can also benefit from the many advantages of your investments:

  1. Bullet     A hedge against inflation.

  2. Bullet     A safe haven.  With the correct storage and handling, individual pieces will never      do an Enron. 

  3. Bullet     Significant profit over time.  Historical returns are impressive and world record prices continue to be achieved every week, despite the recession.

  4. Bullet     An increased demand in the future for a limited supply.  The market size is expected to double in the next 20 years.  Goldman Sachs estimates 70 million people a year are joining the ‘middle class’ ranks.

  5. Bullet     The best retirement plan available.  Your investments are tangible, they are aesthetic and not numbers on a dealer’s screen.  They grow as assets and you can sell them whenever you like. 

  6. Bullet     Tax efficient, as returns are subject to capital gains tax, not income tax and those assets regarded as “wasting chattels” are even exempt from capital gains tax.